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We love crafting custom software for you.


Django, Flask, Bottle, SQLAlchemy.


Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, RSpec.

Javascript (client-side)

Backbone, Spine, Ember, Angular, D3.js.

Javascript (server-side)

Node, CoffeeScript, Rhino/Nashorn.


Tomcat, Jetty.


Drupal (CiviCRM), Wordpress, Zend.


Perl::CGI, Masonry, Catalyst.


Postgres, MySQL, MongoDB, Riak, Redis.


iOS (Objective C), Android (Java), responsive HTML5.


Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Vagrant, Docker.



Systems development

Low level services in C, C++, Lua.

Distributed services



Server configuration and security, designing REST APIs.

Video/audio telephony

SIP, H323, real-time transcoding (ffmpeg/libav).

Embedded programming


Data Analysis

R, Octave, Matlab.

In-house projects in progress
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Who we are

The technological experts at Open Horizon Labs.

We are a team of passionate experts with collectively 20+ years of experience who constantly strive to improve their craft. We also maintain a wide-ranging network of recommended experts in almost any field — designers, programmers, artists, photographers, copy-writers. This network enables us to take on any project of any size.

Each project is unique. We always strive to imbue each with our personal touch.

We are based in Berkeley, and regularly host hackathons, technical conferences for disabled people and minorities, and support other small start-ups in their endeavors.

James Tranovich

Co-Founder & Project Manager

Greg Millam

Co-Founder & Technical Lead

Wadud Jandali


James has over ten years of experience in business, financial operations, and project management. He has worked as a consultant and as an engineer with a variety of clients in government, academia, satellite communications, solar technology, and the telephony industry, including West Point and Gallaudet University. He loves exploring new technologies such as Rust and NSQ. In his spare time he reads voraciously; a recent favorite is The Dream of Reason by Anthony Gottlieb. Open Horizon Labs is his second startup.

Greg's resume includes tenures at Amazon and Google. Greg's design of an anti-fraud system currently in use at Amazon saves third party sellers millions in lost income every year. At Google, Greg was one of two responsible for pushing and creating YouTube captions and subtitles, making YouTube globally accessible to everyone. He spends his weekends diving along the California coast.

Wadud, a civil engineer and physics graduate, is an experienced Ruby programmer who is always looking for the next challenge. He's passionate about social, political, and environmental issues and is interested in leveraging technology to solve current problems in those domains. His favorite basketball team is currently whichever team most recently gave the Lakers a beatdown.

What our clients say

  • "Open Horizon Labs was amazing at every step, from coming up with specifications to putting the final polish on a solid product for launch."

    - Chris Schmidt, Occo Design

  • "Greg and James are super-effective, great communicators, and a privilege to work with. My experiences with them always leave me feeling comfortable with them as individuals who understand what I want, and are very technically talented with expansive breadth. I'm glad to have their support whenever I need and know they'll see a job through."

    - Jacob Shamberg, Designer at Paragon

  • "James and Greg are a joy to work with. Not only are they extremely tech-savvy and experienced, they are profoundly patient, down-to-earth, and exhibit communication skills not commonly found among many professionals in the field. They will handle your most urgent, technically complex problems with elegance, alacrity and grace. I always look forward to seeking their advice. We need more developers like these guys!"

    - Sam Zimmerman, Product Lead of LuvLaf

  • "Open Horizon Labs carries themselves with complete integrity and a full set of business ethics. Those qualities were never in question during their work with me."

    - David Bahar, Convo Communications

  • "Open Horizon Labs developed the MetaStudy technology platform from scratch, and documented development effectively for future work. They exhibit high standards of work."

    - Alan Schwartz, Director of Research at University of Illinois, Chicago

  • "I am very grateful for your good work — wow! a great team can really do great things!"

    - Bennett Johnston, CEO of Laflife

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